History of TIS pt.1; Intro The Survivors 1981

Spectrum Comics Previews #1 The Survivors

…featuring the Survivors. The Earth has been destroyed. A group of young specialists have been sent out into the void of outer space to seek out an Earth-like planet and are charged with the reconstruction of mankind. “In the Beginning…” Story and art by Steve Woron, Inks Karl Kesel and Bob Lewis. 40 pages, black and white, 8-in x 10.75-in. Cover by Darla Addley.

It all began in 1981 when I began to frequent a comic shop in Farmington CT called Mostly Books. It was owned by a wonderful lady named Cheryl Krystofolski¬†and her husband Henry. I often complained to them about the poor drawing quality in comics and said I could do better. (At this time, my ego was writing checks that my drawing hand couldn’t cash…) But my “can do” enthusiasm raised¬†Cheryl’s brow. The wheels started turning in her head…

Inspired by the rising quality of the X-Men by Claremont and Byrne at the time, I pitched an idea for my own comic about a group of hand-picked people shot into outer space to reseed the human race. The prospect of publishing a comic intrigued Cheryl to no end. I said that I wasn’t just interested publishing a comic, I want to start a comic company featuring creator ownership titles!

About illstudio

Native and resident of Connecticut, Steve Woron co-founded one of the first comic/ art's independent publishers. Since 1982 Steve help create the "ground floor" for thousands of independent publishers of limited edition art and other printed collectibles and publications. His companies The Illustration Studio and The Image Guild still publish fantasy art today.
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2 Responses to History of TIS pt.1; Intro The Survivors 1981

  1. rich feinberg says:

    Oh, I loved Mostly Books! Do you remember what their general street address was? I remember walking like an hour to get there from West Hartford…I’m curious to see on a map how far it really was! Now that I think of it, I did pick up the first two issues of Survivors at that store!


  2. illstudio says:

    Mostly Books was in that Farmington mini mall. I forgot the name of it…


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